Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Year of the Sloth

Dear friends,

It would appear I haven't written in awhile. eek.

Well, let's review what you missed, okay?
- I moved into my mom's house.
- I haven't left.


Meanwhile, I have watched endless hours of television: both good and bad.

I can tell you that while 10 and 11 am are good times to watch tv, 9 and noon are not. Also the best movies start at about 11 pm and are on really bizarre channels. Personally I'm loving the 1950 & 60s movies.

There was a month when I was working. I had my mom's job while she covered someone else's job. It was actually really cool to be an interpreter for a hearing impaired/visually impaired 16 year old. It was strange to re-walk the halls of my high school. Seeing former teachers. Seeing former prom dates who were now teacher. (ok, admittedly, there was only one that fits that description...rumor is other prom date ended up a stripper...uh, whatchya gonna do?)

Since that time, I've celebrated at least 4 Christmases, one New Year, visited Cincinnati twice, played with my god-nephew (sure, that's a real thing) numerous days, read 3 books, written a skit, and hid from all actual responsibility.

I'm tired of all this though. I'm absolutely ready to move on. I think I have it down to Los Angeles or Cincinnati.


Until next time, super faithful readers. :)