Monday, January 5, 2015

Resolution Day 1

Well, today was the day. 2015 Resolution kick off day.

Here is where I stand so far:

1. Lose 3 lbs a month (or the equivalent by the end of the year) I now know the beginning weight so that's something, eh?

2. Clear all games from my cellphone (except solitaire) They are gone. L was allowed to play one more round of his beloved Subway Surf on the way to church. It was weird. Many time sI would subconsciously reach for my phone and then consiously remember they aren't there. I think I cleaned my phone more in the past 12 hours than I have in the past week. haha. Soon this will not be the case but it may take a few days. I am interested in knowing if my ADD lessens in the next 12 month without the constant stimulation. 

3. Clean out (at least) 2 boxes a month from my room Didn't touch any BUT the Christmas tree is down, packed up, and already back in the garage. 

4. Not let dishes set longer than a week Well...let's just move on. I still need to catch up on the dishes that have filled my kitchen for weeks before I can truly begin this. 

5. Get on a stage again: improv, storytelling, stand up,... Nothing today...

6. Reconnect with friends - find my place and voice again I joined my friends for lunch today! That's the second meal in two days! 

7. Surround myself with positive people and personally stay positive (do 100 Days of Happy three times) 100 Happy Days haven't started yet. I'm waiting for the first baby to set off 100 Happy Days. #babywatch2015 is getting really exciting.

8. Work toward permeance Today at church all I could think about Gladys Aylward. She is totally my hero. Seriously look her up. (For the record, she wasn't mentioned at all during church today.) 

9. Create something every month (sew, cook a big meal, paint, write) Nope. Not today.

10. Travel somewhere new and/or take L to the beach Nope. Not today. Starting to think about places though. :)

11. Spend less money eating out (Go out for lunch no more than 3 times in a week!) Lunch was out today but dinner was home. :) Out on Sundays after church are basically a given though. 

12. Not eat french fries I got a side salad instead! yum!

13. Not get on my laptop until L goes to bed This one was tricky too. I kept thinking of all the things I needed to look up or do. Of course, once he went to sleep, I couldn't think of any of those massively important things. ha. This will be another tough one that will take time to adjust to.

14. Read, study, and consider one minor prophet each month I did not begin this project today. However, L and I did decide his new daily Bible time. We are going to be reading through the Gospel of Luke in his NIV. He is very excited that we are going to be reading out of his "Holy Bible." I'm excited to show him Jesus, not the kid story version, but he actual, flesh & blood Jesus: what he did, how he acted, and how we can emulate Him. It should be great. 

15. Be open to love I wore a dress and boots to church today. I didn't talk to anyone I didn't know but I felt pretty. That's a step, right? 

Alright, so I'm not going to update everyday but I thought Day 1 may be interesting. Even if it isn't for you, it will be for me in June, October, and December 31st. :)

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